Why I am going to RYTHMIA

Hi guys, it’s been a while. I hope you are all having the best time of your lives. That’s really my true wish to you all. I have been quite because I dived into why I am doing what I am doing? What is my intention? What is my end goal? I have been asking these questions for a long time now and I finally have a glimpse of my why! Let say I am 85% 🙂

I am by the book, A Holistic Health Coach, Yoga teacher, Trainer, Mother, Hairdresser.

Lately I have been coaching some mom’s that I found myself talking about more spiritual stuff like why are we here?, Who are we?, and How our lives are controlled by our subconscious. Hmmmmm!!!!

How do you program your subconscious? Why this subconscious of ours controls our life, what is the conscious mind? They say that only 10% of our conscious mind which has no control over our life, and 90% of your subconscious mind rules our lives and if you don’t reprogram your subconscious than we are doomed.

What to do?, what to do? ….

Same mistakes, same dysfunctional relationships, picking the wrong guy, staying in jobs that doesn’t make us happy, because we are afraid to change. We ask the question, what if it doesn’t work?, I need to pay rent, so we stay where we know it’s safe. It’s frustrating to me that this can stop many of us from reaching our full potential. I feel like I am already living that way. I am living a half ass life.

You work and work and work, your bank account doesn’t move up a bit, you work to pay bills, is that a life?

Your kids doesn’t listen to you, you seem to never get it right? I thought about all these for a long long time. This feeling of being unsatisfied, I am super grateful don’t get me wrong, but deep inside I know I can be better, do better. This is not it. I just know it. Call it a gut feeling.

As you all know I am a single mom of two amazing kids, with two different fathers and they are both not able to really help me. They do what they can. I was upset about this for a long time. Than one day I just let it go. I am only hurting myself by being mad. So I got busy building my life.

My ultimate goal here to give my kids the life that they have a choice. I want to give them the opportunities, I want to educate them about law of attraction. I wanna teach them that, whatever they desire they can have, period!

My son has speech delays, he is a one bright star. He excels in other areas, but dealing with him at first not knowing how to communicate with him made me even more sad.

I am constantly trying to improve mylife. I read a lot, I take classes, I listen to my mentors, who I look up to and learn from. I don’t watch TV. I never stop, I don’t get tired because my WHY is so dear to me. I have a goal, I have a mission to help mothers like me who is trying and trying and feeling like they can never be enough. There is hope:) Because now I know there is a way.

I am doing it, and I’m extremely proud of myself. I meditate daily, I make sure I have ‘me’ time. Otherwise I can’t function. I usually wake up an hour before my kids. I like my quiet time, I take care of my body, I workout. I eat well, I do some breathwork. I give myself a full hour. I learned this from Tony Robbins. I do this every day.

Now I want to tell you about something that I believe will finally put me on 5th gear. It came to me. When universe sends me information I look into it, regardless of what it is, I ask, what’s here universe is trying to tell me.

I am in touch with my soul, I listen. So one day when I went to my Whole Foods Market I saw one of my girlfriend who I haven’t seen maybe 3 years, she was talking about the retreat she went in Costa Rica, this place called RYTHMIA. I had no idea what it was, than she was saying Michael Beckwith was there, Shamans, Plant Medicine. I was listening to her but thinking, oh wow, this is my dream vacation.

I went home after didn’t think much of it, but I heard about this plant medicine before, that was on my mind. Than I went on with my evening, cooking dinner etc., forgot about it.

Next day, two of my girlfriends invited me to have a dinner. My kids were with their dads that night, it was perfect timing to see some friends, so I said YES!!!, I am coming. I said to of my girlfriend which I haven’t seen her in ages too, I said, you look so radiant, you look so good, what are you doing, she said, I just got back from RYHTMIA.

Wow, you are the second person who is telling me this in two days, I asked her what is it and she started telling us all about it and my jaw was open the entire time, I had chills, my heart was beating fast, just hearing about her experience. I knew she was talking to my soul.

I went home and I went online and bammmm, that is my next destination. I made a decision, right there and then, I AM GOING! And I am going soon:) It’s my time to meet my higher self, Universal intelligence or whatever you call ( it )!

I started googling Rythmia, I came across this documentary The reality Of Truth ( it’s on youtube)! It blew my mind, because I finally had an answer to all my questions. I need to connect to my soul and that’s why I’m feeling dissatisfied with life. Now I have a chance to fix that ones and for all.

The founder of Rythmia Gerard Powell has an amazing story how he ended up opening up Rythmia, and why he did it. I don’t know him but I felt this closeness, I wanted to hug him. I know I’m weird…!!!

So Ladies and Gentleman, I am going soon to finally merge with my soul. I will be writing all about my experiences, I wanna share it with you so you know!!!

I love sharing information that it can help you to go the next level of your life. Yes there is a next level!

Life is suppose to be fun, abundant, full filled and peaceful, of course we may encounter difficult times, it’s just part of life, but with the new tools, you will be able to respond instead of react. Being Respons – able is the key of sane mind. Being able to respond!!!

Since our mind controls our life, why not you start to control your mind therefore your life.
Take back your power.

You are the creator of your life.

I am so excited.
Until next time.

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