Julyet Berlen and Meg Sylvester present

Reality Creation Course with Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson, International speaker and author of over 25 books on raising your level of cosnciousness and Success Coach, presents a 3-day live training to help you achieve your goals through becoming the next, higher version of yourself.

In a playful but practical manner, you will join like-minded in activities, discussion and specific instruction designed to heighten your emotional state, discover and unlock your hidden talents, and discern between truth and fear. You will also be guided to uncover and release limiting beliefs so you can recalibrate your energy and put your focus on what you heart truly desires.

The Course is speedily effective in that most students experience lasting improvement to their wellbeing and become more eager to act upon their intuitive insights. Put these two things together and you will find that you are achieving the goals you’ve been dreaming about your whole life at an accelerated rate.  

Want to learn how to unlock your potential so that you can create the reality you’ve been dreaming of? Sign up for the Reality Creation Course so you can begin designing the life of your dreams.


Click here for more info : Reality Creation Course

What: Reality Creation Course with Frederick Dodson

When: November 10th-12th, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, Specific Location Will Be Emailed

Price: $999 or 3 payments of $333

Hosted by Julyet Berlen & Meg Sylvester

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