Are you stuck with the last 10 lbs? Here are some tips for you!…

I always hear most mothers after they deliver their baby, they say; the weight came off so fast but this last ten or five or eight lb. seems to be the hardest to lose. Nothing is moving. I’ve heard that, you usually go back to your pre-pregnancy weight and it takes the same amount of time as it did to gain it, so if it took you six months to gain forty pounds, it will take six months to lose it.

Also, plain and simple, breastfeeding burns calories! Our bodies burn almost 20 calories to make just an ounce of breast milk. If your baby eats 19-30 ounces a day, that’s anywhere between 380-600 calories burned

How do so many mothers hit the plateau then? They lost the first thirty pounds but now nothing is moving, why?  

It’s an unfortunate law of weight loss because the slimmer you become, the fewer calories you burn. For every pound you lose, your metabolism slows by up to 20 calories a day. There are so many research shows how our body will adapt to change and we have to trick it to get things moving to help you reach your final weight loss goal. The Julyet Method  build around this entire concept. My program will take you to your weight loss goal with the help of me and our expert team and your fellow mom’s who are in the same position as your are. I believe in group coaching so much.You will get better and faster results just doing it with a group that keeps you accountable. It’s very exciting for me to witness.

There are some key points that helps us move closer to our weight loss goals.


Fitness has a major part of it. We aim to get in cardio 4 or 5 times a week, to speed up the results we integrate Interval training 3 times a week.  

Cardio melts calories, but to keep seeing results, ramp up your intensity, too. “Interval training can trigger a boost in metabolism so you burn more fat during low- and moderate-intensity activity, and even at rest.

We also recommend Resistance training, you can burn 30% more calories.

I am building an entire library that will help you with your fitness routine, you will be guided throughout the program.

When it comes to diet:

We recommend to cut down your meat consumption, eating less meat is a proven way to lighten up on the scale. You don’t need to cut it all at ones or all together. You can just reduce the amount. There are many other protein sources, which I will have on the resources section.

Keeping a food journal;

I should say that, this is one of the most important component of it all. If you write down what you eat all day you lose twice as much weight as those who didn’t keep a record, research shows, but you must be honest and put down all the details from what’s your salad dressing to any topics you may added. If you don’t want to write down then maybe you should not eat it. Honestly I have been journaling my food since last year, and it helps me a lot. Specially the next day I look at it and sometimes say…Really?, did I really eat that…:) ( guilty!…)

Here is a big tip…

Don’t eat sugar (carb) before bed. Now that you know how carbs are linked to fat storage, the last thing you want to do before you go to bed is eat a sugary meal or snack. Dessert will spike your blood sugar. If you are craving sugar before bed or after your dinner, I suggest you stick to high in antioxidant and low in sugar like blueberries, raspberries or maybe a grapefruit will be a much better choice.

These are just a few I wanted to share with you today. I am looking forward to helping you be the healthiest and happiest you.

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